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Frequently asked questions


ALL CLIENTS are strongly encourage to arrive 30mins prior to their booking time due to the necessary paperwork and payment that is required.
Following this, there is a 5min Self-Drive to the Quad Bike Staging Area where the adventure begins.
BE SURE TO GET HERE EARLY! You don't want to cut into yours or other peoples VALUABLE riding time.

Our tours are 1, 1.30 and 2hr tours and we do our best to make sure that our clients get as much riding times as possible.
Granted, riding time can be affected by clients not showing up on time and we are not shy at leaving them behind if this is the case! SO DON'T BE LATE.
EVERY TOUR commences with a 10min bike familiarisation and safety briefing which is important when considering that some riders may have never been on a quad bike before.
Our experienced guides have designed tours to ensure that they cater to all riding levels of expertise, so don't be worried if you have someone in the line that chooses to ride a little more cautiously than you. Our guides will create two lines of riders. One for the more cautious and one for the more experienced and daring.
All in all, regardless of the tour that you've chosen and the type of riders joining you, we ALWAYS offer HEAPS OF RIDING TIME!!!!

SDA test rode a number of popular brands including Honda's, Polaris and Suzuki's. We've Settled with the (automatic) Artic Cat's and Kymco MXU 400cc (both air and oil cooled).

Our bikes are extremely User-Friendly and well balanced for use on the Sand Dunes, providing plenty of power and comfort to do all that we need to do as part of the touring experience that we offer.

If your a 'first timer' don't be worried as we cater to the riding experience and ability of all customers. with an automatic thumb throttle action, you'll be riding the dunes like an expert at no time.

We also have smaller 90cc Artic Cats which are ideal for the kids aged from 7 - 12yrs. Again, automatic thumb throttle 'AND' kids get their own tour guide and steadier route to ride on / keeping them completely safe at all times!!! As long as they follow the rules that is.

Absolutely. We accept VISA, MasterCard,Debit card & Union Pay as well as cash. At the moment, we don't apply any surcharge either (subject to change without notice though).

There are several ways to Book or Contact us for your Quad Bike Experience.
Choose one of the options below and our helpful and friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions that you may have, and book you in at a time suitable for you.
YOU CAN BOOK ONLINE! If your IT savvy, why not make an online booking instead. One of our Team will follow up and confirm your reservation
BY PHONE: Please call us on 02 4033 8808 and we can assist you with any enquiry or booking that you desire.

While we accept walk-in's, we certainly don't want you to be dissappointed. Booking in advance secures your adventure and avoids the confusion and frustration of turning up and not getting out on the dunes as you may have anticipated. When pre-booking, we seek a non-refundable 50% deposit as first payment and 100% payment in full on arrival.
If for any reason you can't make it AND give us a full 24hrs notice, we'll hold onto a credit in your name, for the amount of your deposit, ready for you to take advantage of at a later time! Now that's customer service for ya!

Please, when you make your booking, be sure to have all your affairs in order to get along and enjoy your adventure! We're happy to try and change your tour time if your running late, we're also happy to hold a credit in your name if you give us a FULL 24hrs notice that you cannot make it.... BUT, there's not much we can do for people who simply change their mind at the last minute, sorry.... NO REFUND for a NO SHOW!

If your tour leaves without you, we are unable to issue you a refund BUT... we will make every effort to accommodate you on a later tour for that day! So please be sure of your tour time and get all affairs in order to get along and enjoy your adventure. Terms and Conditions here

We sell Gift cards for the 1 hour quad bike, 1.5 hour Aboriginal Culture & Sandboarding quad bike, 2 hour quad bike & 1.5 Hour Hummer 4WD Tours.

If you choose to purchase a gift card and you are unable to pick it up from the Sand Dune Adventures office an additional charge to Register Post of $4.00 is made payable at your cost.

Please call the office (02) 4033 8808 if you would like to purchase a gift card or have any questions.


Sorry, no can do! Our tours are conducted on our private lands and we are not insured for people seeking to ride thier own bikes.
You can however; conditionally register your bike with the RTA and purchase a Beach Permit to ride your own ATV in the Recreational Vehicle Area.
Saying that, they don't have Dunes like we do, down the Southern End! You've gotta try us to believe us.

Its no secret that our Bikes are BIG!... and at 400cc, we're confident that there the biggest around as far as controlled tours are concerned.
Saying that, manufacturer's warranty states no younger than 16 years, but were insured for riders that we determine are capable of handling our tours and these great bikes. We've had children as young as 9yrs old but, they were reasonably strapping kids who had plenty of Quad experience on their farms. Ages 12 years old and up are a general rule of thumb we go by. If your child is considered too small, we guarantee they'll have just as much fun being doubled by one of our experienced guides, while riding alongside and around you! We'll also give them a test ride if they're keen, to prove to us they can do it? SMALL BIKES WILL BE HERE SOON!

Certainly not to ride.
You may need it as identification when you complete the Indemnity Form but other than that, we're riding on private property so it's all covered.

On occasion, customers have specific needs relating to added activities (sand boarding etc), tour times (longer riding times, earlier start and/or later finish for sunset photography), personal disability challenges, age challenges (youth and elderly) and group size numbers. As a result, we are very flexible in our delivery to ensure that everyone gets to experience the dunes in some shape and form. This has resulted in:

Disability Riders / Youth and Elderly / Inexperienced:

Depending on the clients concern, SDA guides ALWAYS work with the client an offer them every opportunity to ride the bike themselves. To do this, we have developed a procedure whereby, clients ride the smaller training track to provide then with an opportunity to develop confidence, and/or demonstrated that they can handle the bike (noting that safety comes first). Our guides provide a personal induction and ‘one on one’ time with the client and following the client’s brief riding demonstration, our guides will make an educated assessment on their ability. If for any reason, the Guide (or the client) determines that they are unable to ride the vehicle alone, then the following is offered to the Client:

The client can be doubled by the Aboriginal Tour Guide:

1.This is the more popular option and has occurred on numerous occasions with the Client ALWAYS walking away from the experience completely satisfied (i.e. the guide will have some fun on the bike performing manoeuvres the client obviously wouldn’t have been able to complete themselves). On a rare occasion we have had to double more than one person per tour e.g. 3 guides could equal 3 clients being doubled.

2. Provide the Client with a 4WD or Hummer Tour. On most occasions, clients will take up the offer of a 4WD or Hummer Tour on doing so, clients were pleased to learn that they are not penalised due to a fear or inability to ride.

Yes, we do. Come hail or shine, we operate all year round (in fact its more fun in the wet). Tours may be cancelled in extreme weather (lightning).
If your tour is cancelled, we will contact you to make another arrangement.
Saying that, if we cancel and you can't make another time, we'll offer you a FULL REFUND! No games.

Everyone receives a bike familiarisation and clear instructions before you set off on your adventure.
The track is designed to allow clients to hone their our skills before heading up the magnificent dunes. All tours are catered to the level of riding ability for clients so if it's adrenalin, or simply slow cruising, we can cater to you! NO QUESTION ABOUT IT!

Yes, providing you follow the simple rules and instructions given to you by your guide. You will be told the Dos and Don'ts of riding quad bikes (ATVs) on arrival. If these simple rules are disregarded while on your tour, you will be asked to leave the tour. This is purely for your safety and the safety of other passengers. Your safety is of upmost importance!

We are the ONLY Quad Bike operator that has exclusive access to the Largest Dunes within this magnificent landscape! All other operators might spruke they have, but we guarantee, Biggest Bikes, Biggest Dunes and more riding time for your money! Q: Any other benefits!
A: Extreme sandboarding & authentic hands on introduction to Aboriginal culture and the uses of the land.
SDA are Award Winning so you know you are coming with the best!

Depending on the tour you choose, you'll cover up to anything between 12 - 20klms of riding taking in the awe of these fantastic dunes! We don't have a designated track and we never go the exact same way twice! Get on an adventure with us and get exclusive access to the biggest dunes out there, with some reaching up to 100ft.

Sorry, NO ONE will insure us to just hand out Quad BIkes and leave people to thier own devices.
Our goal is to keep people safe and as such ALL RIDERS must obey the rules at all times.
All tours are accompanied by x2 experienced Aboriginal guides. Additionally the sand dunes are very large, and if you are unfamiliar with where you are going, you will almost certainly get lost or hurt or both. We can't allow this to happen!

Weather does not affect the departure of our tours as the quad bikes perform equally well in wet or dry conditions..... BUT, if there's lightning, well that's another story! If your concerned about the weather, call ahead of your tour time and find out what the dunes weather system is up to?

We operate a maximum of 10 bikes plus 2 instructors to maintain adequate levels of supervision. We can currently take up to 20 people per session with additional tour guides.

All participants must wear a helmet.

All participants must follow the instructions of the guide.

Clients must travel at speed that is deemed safe and reasonable to the tour and; as is set by the Guide, to ensure safety.

All participants must follow the tour guide in a single tag-a-long file line spaced approximately 5-6 bike lengths apart.

All participants must take responsibility to become aware of the features of the ATV prior to the ride, including location of brakes, throttle, and ignition switch.

Absolutely no drugs or alcohol.

All participants must sign a liability waiver.

We reserve the right to cancel or change tours due to inclement weather, safety reasons, insufficient bookings or events beyond our control.

Refunds are not offered but tours may be rescheduled at an alternative date.

You are responsible for the equipment you use.

A signed credit card imprint is required to cover potential damages should you damage the quad bike.

For safety of the mother and baby we do not allow pregnant women to participate on our quad bike tours.