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Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council Trading As Sand Dune Adventures
ABN - 51 352 201 603
Booking Office 2163 Nelson Bay Rd, Williamtown NSW 2318 Australia

Phone +61 2 4033 8808


Silver winner in the Australian Tourism Awards- Qantas award for Excellence in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Tourism 2016
Gold Winner in the NSW Tourism Awards - Qantas award for Excellence in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Tourism 2016
Silver Winner in the NSW Tourism Awards - Qantas award for Excellence in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Tourism Award 2015
Gold winner in the Hunter and Central Coast Tourism Awards - Indigenous Tourism Category 2014Award winner in the Port Stephens Annual Business Awards - Best Tourist Attraction Category 2014
Finalist in the NSW Tourism Awards - Indigenous Tourism Category 2014 and 2015
Biggest quad bikes in Port Stephens
Access to the largest Sand Dunes in Port Stephens
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Call us on +61 (0) 2 4033 8808 or complete our for form on our Contact Us page
Phone +61 2 4033 8808

How do you identify and provide for people with specific needs?

On occasion, customers have specific needs relating to added activities (sand boarding etc), tour times (longer riding times, earlier start and/or later finish for sunset photography), personal disability challenges, age challenges (youth and elderly) and group size numbers.

As a result, we are very flexible in our delivery to ensure that everyone gets to experience the dunes in some shape and form.

We want everyone to have a go

Depending on the clients concern, SDA guides always work with the client an offer them every opportunity to ride the bike themselves.

To do this, we have developed a procedure whereby, clients ride the smaller training track to provide then with an opportunity to develop confidence, and/or demonstrated that they can handle the bike (noting that safety comes first).

Our guides provide a personal induction and ‘one on one’ time with the client and following the client’s brief riding demonstration, our guides will make an educated assessment on their ability. If for any reason, the Guide (or the client) determines that they are unable to ride the vehicle alone, then the following is offered to the Client: see Next Tab

The client can be doubled by the Aboriginal Tour Guide

This is the more popular option and has occurred on numerous occasions with the Client always walking away from the experience completely satisfied (i.e. the guide will have some fun on the bike performing manoeuvres the client obviously wouldn’t have been able to complete themselves). On a rare occasion we have had to double more than one person per tour e.g. 3 guides could equal 3 clients being doubled.

Provide the Client with a 4WD or Hummer Tour. On most occasions, clients will take up the offer of a 4WD or Hummer Tour on doing so, clients were pleased to learn that they are not penalised due to a fear or inability to ride.